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When illegal discrimination causes you be refused an apartment, home, public accommodations and services, call us.  It is illegal for a landlord, real estate agent, or other business to deny you because of illegal discrimination.  Let us help you take them on.

Has discrimination on the job caused you to:

--    Lose a job?

--    Be denied a promotion?

--    Be denied equal pay for equal work?

--    Be given an unfair job evaluation?

--    Be subjected to unfair discipline?

--    Suffer sexual harassment or other forms of harassment?

--    Suffer from a hostile work environment?

--    Quit a job?

--    Be denied job opportunities and job benefits?

--    Be denied a fair severance agreement or settlement?

--    Be treated worse than others of a different race, gender, age, national origin, sexual preference, etc.?

          If you answered yes to any of the above, we can help.  Let us bring our decades of experience, effective advocacy and dedication to work for you.  

          We can counsel you through the steps needed to effectively fight job discrimination.  We can represent you before administrative agencies which are charged with stopping illegal discrimination.  We can fight for you in the courts to achieve justice and a fair resolution to the discrimination you are facing.  We can fight for you in mediation and arbitration proceedings.  We can represent you in severance negotiations to help you get settlement compensation you deserve.

          Don’t let others destroy your career, your livelihood and your well being.  Don’t take them on all by yourself.  Stand up and let us fight on your behalf as experienced attorneys with a track record of success.

Contract Paper Signing

Law Offices of Charles F. Holman & Associates, LLC Welcomes You

Experience. Respect. Results.

By working with Law Offices of Charles F. Holman, III & Associates, LLC, you get more than professional legal representation. We are a full service law firm offering detailed, personal attention and superb professional expertise in matters involving discrimination on the job, in housing and various other areas. We’re waiting for your call.


Law Offices of Charles F Holman       & Associates,  LLC

A Tradition of Talent

          Welcome to the Law Offices of Charles Holman & Associates, LLC.

          Attorney Charles Holman is a tough-minded, seasoned litigator with decades of experience as an activist, advocate and civil rights lawyer.

            The great grandson of an enslaved person who in freedom became a fighter for his people and one of the first lawyers of color in his state.  Since that time more than 150 years ago, civil rights has been a dedicated mission in Charles’ family as well as Charles’ personal calling.

          For nearly 40 years Charles has fought for justice wherever discrimination arose.  For ten years he served as a highly effective federal prosecutor where he won honors from the US Attorney General and Director of the FBI when he successfully went after persons who burned black churches and terrorized communities in the South.

          A past member of the NAACP National Board of Directors and NAACP National Legal Committee, Charles successfully  fought to expand educational opportunities for under-represented people in our nation’s colleges and universities.  His hard work won him top honors from the NAACP which recognized him as its most outstanding young leader when it awarded him the Juanita Jackson Mitchell Leadership Award at its national convention in Boston, Massachusetts.

          Charles has also been a leader for equal opportunity in the legal profession.  He served as Chairman of the Young Lawyers Division Human and Civil Rights Committee of the American Bar Association.  He also served as a member of the Board of Commissioners for the State Bar of Michigan and as a Board Member for the American Judicature Society which works to ensure the integrity of the American justice system.

As a civil rights litigator, Charles served as senior civil rights trial attorney at the US Department of Justice Civil Rights Division where he successfully fought against discriminatory housing and lending practices.  He also served as an attorney at the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission where he achieved victory for persons denied jobs because of race, age and gender discrimination.  Later, he headed a civil rights agency where he set records for winning more in settlements for discrimination victims than at any previous time in the agency’s history. 

Since 2003 Charles has operated Charles Holman & Associates, LLC where he has achieved success for persons facing discrimination in large and small corporations, universities, school districts, banks, hospitals, governmental agencies, nonprofits, etc.   

                                                              Let us bring our decades of personal dedication in the civil rights arena, along with professional legal experience at the nation’s premier civil rights enforcement agencies to  fight for you today!

Charles F. Holman, III Attorney at Law, LLC Licensed in Maryland & DC

Law Offices of Charles F. Holman, III & Associates, LLC

Trusted Representation

If you've experienced illegal discrimination, you need a seasoned, passionate, and committed professional to guide and fight for you.  Let our decades of experience fight for your rights and help you to achieve justice.  Call us and let us get to work for you today!

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