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Employment Discrimination

Proven Success

Has discrimination on the job caused you to:

  • Lose a job?

  • Be denied a promotion?

  • Be denied equal pay for equal work?

  • Be given an unfair job evaluation?

  • Be subjected to unfair discipline?

  • Suffer sexual harassment or other forms of harassment?

  • Suffer from a hostile work environment?

  • Quit a job?

  • Be denied job opportunities and job benefits?

  • Be denied a fair severance agreement or settlement?

  • Be treated worse than others of a different race, gender, age, national origin, sexual preference, etc.?

If you answered yes to any of the above, we can help.  Let us bring our decades of experience, effective advocacy and dedication to work for you.  We can counsel you through the steps needed to effectively fight job discrimination.  We can represent you before administrative agencies which are charged with stopping illegal discrimination.  We can fight for you in the courts to achieve justice and a fair resolution to the discrimination you are facing.  We can fight for you in mediation and arbitration proceedings.

Don’t let others destroy your career, your livelihood and your well being.  Don’t take them on all by yourself.  Stand up and let us fight on your behalf as experienced attorneys with a track record of success. 

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